Bhop Elite 3.0 Bhop Sense

-Added new player models and player model case
-Added spinner and spinner case
-Remaden movement system from scratch
-Level beginner was completle changed (Not final version) Also other maps will be updated
-Added game run arguments in game settings also game settings list was sorted and updated
-Added game chat
-Added save system now you can save (May not work)
-Added anti-hack system i very recommend to exit from main menu using exit button
-Updated UI
-Fixed movement button.
-Fixed player collision in multiplayer
and to many other changes and improvments

Bhop Elite 2.9 Multiplayer Update

-Added multiplayer support.
-Added notification system. You will recive messages in the lower-mid screen space.
-Added nickname field in the settings menu.
-Added trees in level beginer.
-Prices in store was updated.
-All plugins and game engine updated to latest version.
-Reworked rate system.
-UI updates.
-Bug fixes and maaany other little changes…

Bhop Elite 2.8 Improvement Update

-Retextured almost all maps.
-Added inspect function. Now you can inspect items in inventory in market and after you opened very rare item.
-Recalculated lighting now it’s more realistic.
-Changed render mode now materials look really awesome!
-Added market. Now you can buy randomly generated items. But you need to keep in mind that prices as items generated randomly.
-Removed stats menu. But if you want i can turn it back.
-Other little changes.

Bhop Elite 2.7 Generous update

-Added new karambit case and 12 skins
for karambit
-Added new hunter case and 9 skins
for hunter knife
-Added 5 glove skins
-Added 8 bayonet skins
-Added new map Urban City
-Optimisation on every map.
-Fixed bug with controls. Now input works on every map.
-Now you can improve operation coin. (Bronze, Silver and Gold)
To improve your coin complete operation missions
-Little improvments
-Bug fix

Bhop Elite 2.5 Movement Update

Changed the system of movement. Changes have been made to the buttons and controller of the player. There were two new types of control. They are available in the settings.
Vote for the next update. That it will have knives or new maps or something else to decide for you.

Bhop Elite 2.4 Update!

-Added new operation.
-Added new maps
-Recoded inventory (wipe)
-Case item icons was changed
-Any MANY other changes…

To start the operation you need to buy a ticket. The ticket costs 50,000 BE coins and can be bought once. After removal or reinstallation you need to buy again and all the achievements for the operation will be reset. After purchase, you will have access to new maps and special missions. The maps will be opened in the map pool. The missions will be available in the inventory in the coin interaction menu.

Bhop Elite 2.1 Update

-Added new glove case and 14 gloves
-Added new statistic menu
-Optimisation on next maps: canyon, squeeze
-Little inprovments
-Bug fix