Bhop Elite

Bhop is an exploit of a very popular bug in games based on source engine. Bhop allows a player to exceed the game-defined speed limit. It has created entirely new methods of play and allows very exciting, fast-paced emergent gameplay. As a decidedly skill-based mechanic, competitive players love bhopping because it is so hard to master. This application gives such an opportunity although slightly simplified.

Bhop Elite is…
Cool knifes. Gut and Bayonet knife with different cool patterns!
Different maps. Game provide next maps: Level Beginer, Space, Canals, Canyon, Squeeze etc.
Rank system. Become from silver bhoper I to Global Bhoper!
Special Operations. Complete different and dificult missions and get rewards!
Case simulator. Don’t love to bhop? Then money waste simulator is your choice! Cases: M9 Bayonet Case, Gut Case, Trails Case. Customize your player!