Bhop Elite 2.0 Update Upcoming!

-Adeed new map squeeze.
-Added post processing effects: Motion Blur, Anti-Aliasing, Vignette. (Only for test.)
-UI updates
-Facebook login and share.
-All textures was compressed and scaled.
-Added OC on some maps.

Also some cool things will added with 2.0 update!

Bhop Elite 1.9 Global FIx

In this update, the multiplayer was completely removed, because on some devices the game did not start. The reasons for this are not yet clear to me, but in the future I have a desire to transfer the game to another network engine, but for now only a single game will be available.

There is also one positive news. In the main menu, if you click on the icon of the rank you will find out how much you have left until the next rank.

Ahead is planned for one big update do not miss!

Bhop Elite 1.8 Trails Update!

-Added third person view. You can switch between fps mode and third person in game
-Added new map Canyon
-Added two new skins for m9 bayonet
-Added trail case and >10 trails.
-Removed MP
-Bug fix and little improvements

Bhop Elite 1.7 Bayonet M9 Update (Upcoming update preview)

In this update i fix some bugs and add new knife. In addition, it was possible to change the map without leaving the menu. After losing or winning you will be able to load a random level. Also added a boot screen when loading the level. Of course with the new knife was added a new case. In the new case you can find three skins. 1 – Bloody web, 2 – night, 3 – chroma. In the future, the cases will be expanded and new ones added! Fixed lighting on the map channels and also on other maps, lighting was redesigned.In the plans to add a glove case and something no less interesting 🙂 Continue to follow the news.

Chasing Light

Chasing Light is a lite version of BHOP. You only need to specify the direction of motion with your finger. In the future, will be able to choose between a autobhop and classic bunny hopping.

Google Play (Free)

Kama Entertainment Studio

Kama Entertainment Studio is a studio that develop applications and games for entertainment and recreation. The main goal of our studio – to make games with good gameplay and play experience. At the moment, the game is developed Chasing Light. The first version will be available for Android.